About No Borders Award
"No Borders" - Photography Exhibition Award is an international competition for Emerging Artists from Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, and Ukraine. It aims to unite people through photography, enhance cooperation among institutions and countries, and show cultural differences as our strength.​ It focuses on photography as art, telling a story about the present time and the people in V4 countries and Ukraine.
We invite artists to take part in the series of workshops, allowing them to meet, connect, and be exhibited internationally by creating an open-air traveling exhibition. 
The first edition of the Open-air No Border Award exhibition traveled 4 countries promoting the photographs of 48 finalists, gathering audiences and photographers during online and live workshops and portfolio reviews. The NBA catalog was distributed among cultural institutions, galleries and photography festivals.

Finalists receive:
Participation in a group exhibition traveling to Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary.
Publication in a summary catalog.
Opportunity to connect with experts from V4 countries during webinars, lectures, and portfolio reviews.
First Award Winner will receive a production of the Winner's solo exhibition with a catalog.

31 Jan 2024 Open call closes
10 Feb 2024  No Borders Award Finalists Selected
15 Jan - 31 May 2024 Workshop program for finalists containing:
2 Online webinars
5 Online photography lectures
5 Online Portfolio Reviews/Workshops
30 June 2024  First Award Winner Announced
01 July 2024 - 30 Sept 2024 Traveling Open Air Exhibition in Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary
30 Nov 2024 Turning exhibition into upcycled photography bags
Publication of a Summary catalog and a Short documentary video

 Open call 2023 ​​​​​​​

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